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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • 1. Start Here Video

    • 2. Course Workbook & Syllabus


    • ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE [Anonymously of course]


  • 2

    MODULE ONE: BELIEF - When things don't go as planned!

    • Associated Workbook Pages: 2-3

    • 1.1. Life happens when building credit, here's how to navigate through!

  • 3

    MODULE TWO: DIAGNOSTICS - Why is your score stagnant?

    • Associated Workbook Pages 4-10

    • 2.1. SUCCESS STRATEGY: What does it take to have an 850 Credit Score

    • 2.2. FICO vs VANTAGE [Live Replay]

    • 2.3. FICO : Experian Monitoring System

    • 2.4. VANTAGE: Credit Karma Monitoring System

    • 2.5. Letter Prep, Error Finding, Statute of Limitations [Error list below the video]

  • 4

    MODULE THREE: EDUCATION - Building out your plan and score

    • Associated Workbook Pages 11-14

    • 3.1 Building out your plan: Payment history and utilization

  • 5

    MODULE FOUR: CONSISTENT - Resolving negative items

    • Associated Workbook Pages 15-17

    • 4.1. Disputing w/ the three bureaus: When to use them and how?

    • 4.2. Collections? Lets get those validation letters off

    • 4.3. What to expect after your send off your letters [MUST READ]!

    • 4.4. Valid responses vs Invalid responses from collection agencies [Live Replay]

    • 4.5. FIling a complaint with the CFPB [Live Replay]

  • 6

    MODULE FIVE: STRATEGY - How do I maintain my score?

    • Associated Workbook Pages 18-22

    • 5.1. Credit Card Strategy & Maintaining your score

    • 5.2 Approval Readiness

  • 7


    • ☕️ TEA CUP TUESDAY REPLAY ☕️ [will be posted here monthly]


    • Know your consumer rights

    • Bonus: Reading Responses from the bureaus & additonal letters


  • Where should I start when I begin the course?

    Follow everything step by step and DO NOT RUSH! This is not something you just do overnight. Take your time, go through everything and rewatch what you need to. The blueprint has been designed strategically for success !

  • Am I guaranteed results?

    If you follow the steps and put in the work yes you will see results. However, if you do nothing, you will not get results.

  • Can I get a refund?

    REFUND POLICY: No Refunds Will Be Given Under Any Circumstance As This Is A Digital Product.